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The Best Internet Marketing Tools and Resources

best internet marketing tools list

This list of the best internet marketing tools contains everything you need to boost your online business!

I thought it be helpful to have one page for all your internet marketing needs. (More resources will be added in the future.)

It will be frequently updated (last update: Dec, 17, 2014) with the best tools and resources to boost your business!

Be sure to bookmark this page and please share it with those you think can benefit from the tools and services here mentioned!

I can honestly recommend every tool or service on this page. A lot of them I use one a daily basis others I’ve tested and had great experience with. Please note that some link are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase.

If you found a tool that is missing on this list I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to leave a comment, contact me on facebook, twitter or get directly through this page.

The Best Internet Marketing Tools

Table of Contents

Webhosting– Get your blog up in 10 minutes!
WordPress Themes Resources – The design makes your website stand out.
WordPress Plugins Resources – WordPress on steroids. Helpful plugins.
Logo Designs – Start a design contest or outsource your logo designs. Starting at $29.
User Testing – Click-test, 5-second-test, etc.Test designs and mockups on real people before launching.
For the advanced marketer:
Keyword Research Tools – Easily find the best keywords for your niche.

Content Creation:
Content Creation Tools – How long do you need to write one article? Speed up!
Content Resources (outsource) – Where to outsource content creation?
For the advanced marketer:
Automated Content Creation Tools – Tools to automate content creation.
Word Spinning Tools – Auto rewrite content. Forget about “duplicate content”! Learn how to spin.

Audio Marketing Tools – Start a podcast, outsource voiceovers and more.
Video Marketing Tools – Boost conversions with video marketing.

Social Marketing Tools – Master social media with these tools.
Email Marketing Tools – Welcome to email marketing 2014. 😉

Analyzing & Tracking Tools:
Analyze existing traffic – Which pages are sending you when what kind of traffic? 
Rank tracking and more – How are you ranking on google?

SEO Tools and Resources:
Backlinks (outsource) – Guaranteed better rankings with some quality backlinks. Outsource ’em!
Backlink-Finder – Find links that make you or your competition rank.
Duplicate Content Check Tools – Check for duplicate content before posting!
Private Blog Networking – PBN – 1, 100, 1000 blogs? With the right tools you can manage them all.
Other SEO Tools – Analyzing, rank tracking and more.

For the advanced marketer:
Keyword Research Tools – Find keywords worth targeting.
Backlinking Tools – Build professional backlink profiles.
Proxies – Hide your IP with this marketer friendly proxy service providers.
Captcha Breakers – Helpful for various SEO tools.

Other Tools and Resources:
Affiliate Marketing Networks – The best affiliate networks.
Merchandise – Create a shop with hundreds of items for your brand without spending a dime.
Learning Tools and Resources – Learn how to speed up your work flows with the right tools.
Outsourcing Tools and Resources – Outsource a job starting at $5.
Translation Resources – Professional translation services great for apps, websites, software and much more.
Miscellaneous – More great tools and resources.


Order a domain with web hosting and get started with your WordPress blog in under 10 minutes!

Great for your European based web hosting needs.

One of the largest domain providers with awesome prices for almost any domain type you can think of.

Themes Resources:

1000’s of premium WordPress Themes with a lifetime license including free updates.

Genesis Themes
It’s a very clean framework Genesis Themes are built on.

Great themes, great support and community.

WordPress Plugins Resources:

Marketplace for premium plugins with lifetime licence.

Ninja PopUps
Opt-in pop-up form used on BMT.

Visual Composer
Create stunning pages on any theme without any coding knowledge.

Wishlist Member – free 30-day trial
Turn any WordPress site into a full-blown membership site. Huge deal when buying with 3-module course: Multi-site license (rights to use plugin on unlimited domains), detailed training, extra plugins and more.

more following.

Logo designs:

Start a design contest for only $29.

Professional logo designs starting at $299.

Outsource logo designs or buy ready made templates.

Read my how to outsource logo designs article for some great tips!


Usability-Hubfree plan available
Different user tests. Like a 5 second test, click test or navigation test. Read my UsabilityHub Review.

Keyword Tools:

Market Samuraifree trial availableGet $50 off: buy within 6-days after you downloaded the demo
Market Samurai will help you find gold nugget opportunities whether it is for your existing blog or for a new niche site.

Ubersuggest is a simple free tool that scrapes Google suggest and provides a list of related keyword phrases.

It was designed for mass commenting but has developed into a tool with lots of other very helpful functions. One of them being able to scrape for relevant keywords (and websites that mention it) very easy.

Content Creation Tools:

Instant Article Wizard
The instant article wizard helps you to create content even for your moneysite easily. I’ve used it many times to prepare content, on subject I do – and do not know anything about. Awesome! Get the 7-day trial for $7. Read Instant Article Wizard review here.

Content Resources (outsource):

99 Cent Articles
Good human written articles at a good price. Great team with a fast support!

The Leading Articlesfree access to marketplace!
Get well written spun and super-spun articles on different subjects.

The Hoth
Does not only create content for your Tier 1 & tier 2 backlinks. They’ll also go out and create those backlinks for you! Buy different packages to boost your rankings!

Automated Content Creation Tools:

Article Builder
Articles in seconds. Unfortunately it is not possible to add a keyword. Select a predefined category and it will create an article for you within seconds.

Wicked Article Creator
Enter a keyword and get your articles.

Kontent Machine40% off discount still available!
This awesome tool lets you create articles easy and fast. But what makes it stand out is how well is also prepares entire campaigns for link building tools like GSA, or SENuke. Read my Kontent Machine review.

Word Spinning Tools:

WordAi3 day trial
The best tool to automatically spin content. Read my WordAi review.

The Best Spinner 7-day trial for $7
Probably the best tool to spin your content manually. Read my The Best Spinner Review.

Social Marketing Tools:

BuzzBundlefree version available!
Master your social reach. One interface to drive quality traffic from social media sites, blogs, q&a sites, video websites and more to your site! Monitor Keywords, brand names, urls and more.

Bufferfree version available!
Easiest and fastest way to post to Facebook, Twitter, G+ and LinkedIn. Share posts, images or websites and blog articles to all your social media accounts with just 2 clicks. Schedule and analyze your posts.

Hoot suite – free trial available!
Get an overview of all your social networks. Great tool although not using it much since I’ve bought BuzzBundle.

Email Marketing Tools:

GetResponsefree 30-day trial available
One of the leading email providers. I love the lead page creator. Read my Getresponse review.

AWeber30-day trial for $1 available
Awesome email provider. Easy to setup and use. Read my AWeber review.

Mailchimpfree plan available!
Free for up to 2500 subscribers. Although it comes with limitations. If you’re serious about newsletter marketing I’d recommend going with the paid plan or even better try AWeber or GetResponse.

A Gmail plugin that allows you to schedule outgoing emails for a specific time in the future.

Private Blog Networking – PBN:

Easily manage your blog network.

FCS Networkerbig discount
Very similar to Rankwyz but with a option to get a lifetime license.

The Hoth
Forget about your backlinks and let the Hoth take care of it. Professional outsource your private blog networks, content creation (choose between US and Filipino written content), publishing, social bookmarks and a lot more. See video here.

Backlinking Tools:

SEONuke XCR free 14-day trial available
Great tool with awesome functions and a very nice interface. Still a bit pricey at a $150 a month. Video how it works.

GSA Search Engine Ranker
Onetime fee for an awesome tool. Good for your tier 2 & tier 3 backlinks.

Backlinks (outsourced):

The Hoth
Forget about your backlinks and let the Hoth take care of it. Professional outsource your private blog networks, content creation (choose between US and Filipino written content), publishing, social bookmarks and a lot more. See video here.


Cheap proxies for dedicated to internet marketers. No restrictions for Scrapebox, SENuke and other internet market tools.

Captcha Breakers:

Helpful tool for various SEO Tools -Deathbycaptcha is the cheapest captcha breaking software and does a good job.

Duplicate Content Check Tools:

This tool helps you search the internet for duplicate content or sites that are scraping your content.

Analyzing Existing Traffic

Google Analytics
Free tool to analyze existing traffic on your websites. Where is your traffic coming from? Where do they leave? How many pages are they viewing? Etc.

Heatpmaps, scrollmaps, confetti maps, and overlap view. See demo here.

Rank Tracking Tools

Rank Tracker – free version available!
Track your rankings for keywords in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Backlink Finder:

Ahrefs Site Explorer
One of the largest database of links provides extensive data on inbound links and useful metrics about your link profile such as the distribution of anchor text and the percentage of site-wide links.

SEO SpyGlass free version available
This is the stand-alone version of a all-in-one SEO Powersuite.

Open Site Explorer
SEOMoz’s tool that provides link metrics and referring URLs for a webpage or website. It requires paid membership for full details on who is linking to a website.

Majestic SEO
This tool set provides extensive data on who is linking to your site and details about these links. It has one of the largest databases of links available. free!
A tool to scan an entire website for broken links. It will provide a nice list with URLs of broken links.

Other SEO Tools

SEO Powersuitefree version available!
The ultimate all-in-one solution includes the 4 following tools:

Note: All 4 tools are available as free stand-alone versions!

    1. SEO SpyGlass – finding backlinks
    2. Rank Tracker – track your rankings for keywords in Google, Yahoo and Bing
    3. Website Auditor – monitoring websites – find broken links and other bugs
    4. Link Assistant – helps managing backlinks

Video Tools and Resources:

Camtasiafree trial!
The best screen recording software.

YouTube Keyword Tool free!
This tool provides estimates for keyword phrases used in YouTube and suggests similar keyword phrases. Will be disabled Sep 1st, 2014. Use after keyword planner after.

Get some awesome YouTube stats from any Channel. Example: earnings estimates, views, subscribers, etc.

Audio Tools and Resources:

Voice overs by professional voice actors.

A podcast hosting service that is used by a lot of the top marketing podcasters.

Free audio recording and editing software.


Zazzle – free!
Create your own merchandise shop with hundreds of items without spending a dime!

Tee Spring – $1 extra for every Shirt sold through this link!
Create your own T-Shirt campaigns and set the price. Great place for marketers as you can place in a retargeting- and conversion-pixel!

Affiliate Marketing Networks:

Let ShareaSale find sales leads for you. Only pay when it works!

More following.


Learning marketing.

MOZ Academy
No need to enroll, but you do need to be a Moz Pro subscriber to take advantage of Moz Academy.

More following.

Translate any content! From simple website or wordpress translations, over iphone and android application translations multilingual SEO services.

Resources for Outsourcing:

Amazon Mechanical Turk
A useful website named after robots. Altough they are actually human. A great place to outsource a lot of small tasks like filling out surveys or writing short pieces of content for a very low cost.

Odesk /Elance
Outsource about anything on one of the leading freelancer websites.

Unbelievable gigs for just five dollars.

Think international and make your project multilingual with this translations service! (People from WPML Plugin.)
Find Filipino virtual assistants on American (English) website.


Automate tasks when a certain event occurs using “if this then that” statements. You can create or use other peoples recipes which are triggered by certain event and automate a task. Here is an example: Post to Twitter when you post on Facebook. There are virtually unlimited combinations that work with dozens of applications like Evernote, GDocs, Gmail, Dropbox and a lot more..
Find local directories for citation opportunities such as Yelp, CitySearch and Superpages. Great tool for local businesses.
Where does this link go? Enter a shortened URL to see where it will take you.
Find Latitude and Longitude from address-, reverse– and batch geocode lookups, etc. – Still testing this service. gathers invoices from multiple sources. Currently getmyinvoices focuses on the german market.

This list of the best internet marketing tools will be frequently updated with the best tools and resources to boost your business!

Be sure to bookmark this page and please share it to those you think can benefit from the tools and services here mentioned!

The next couple of days there I will add some more links to this list. Some categories like analyzing are still missing.

I’m sure I missed out plenty please let me know if you think I missed out a tool…

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