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How-To set up a Retargeting Ad Campaign for Affiliate Offers

Setting up a retargeting ad campaign for affiliate offers can be super lucrative and as more and more people are getting into re-targeting, I thought I’d share some helpful tips I wish I had starting out…

In this tutorial we will clear the following questions:

  • What is a retargeting ad campaign?
  • How to use a retargeting ad campaign as an affiliate?
  • How do I set up a retargeting ad campaign without having access to the landingpage/offer page?
  • What tools do I need to set up a retargeting ad campaign for affiliate offers?

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What is a retargeting ad campaign?

A retargeting ad campaign also referred to as a remarketing campaign is an online paid advertisement method. You basically (re-)target your advertisement campaign to potential customers that have previously indicated their interested to a certain product, service or niche by visiting a specific page.

As a large percentage of visitors do not buy (convert) on first visit, it can be very profitable to let your ads follow your visitors around the web by a retargeting campaign.

The standard way to set up a re-targeting campaign is to place a small code (provided by your ad-network) on your landingpage (offer page).
Once the visitor hits this page, a cookie gets stored on their computer letting the ad-network recognize the user later on other pages to show them your ads.

Here are a few of the leading retargeting advertisement networks:  Google, Facebook, Perfect Audience, AdRole, Retargeter and Sitescout.

Affiliate Problem With Retargeting Pixel/Code

So retargeting can be awesome BUT the problem most affiliates run into is that you cannot place a retargeting-code or pixel on a landingpage that is not yours! :(

So all the traffic you send to your affiliate offers is un-retargetable as you have no access to the landingpage to place your retargeting-code on.

Affiliate Retargeting Problem Solution

Luckily there are multiple ways to get around this problem! We’re going to take a look a 2 work-arounds.

Retargeting Work-Around A for Affiliates

One way to get around the issue is to use an awesome WordPress plugin called Retargetingengine.

Retargeting Engine is a small and simple premium WordPress plugin, which redirects users to a specified destination URL, just like any link shortener service would do. The big difference is, that you can enter your retargeting code for the plugin to load, just before it sends the visitor to the destination URL.

The Plugin does that in the matter of milliseconds so visitors won’t notice a big difference compared to a regular redirect. That way you can add everyone clicking on your affiliate link to your new created audience on the ad-network of your choice (including Facebook).


Retargeting Work-Around B for Affiliates

The other option would be to use a custom SiteScout audience redirect link.

SiteScout is an ad-network which offers many cool tools and services for Affiliates/Advertisers. Their platform gives you access to advertise on a very large amount of advertisement networks including Google, Facebook (FBX) and many more. You can also set up retargeting campaigns very fast and easily.

You have multiple options to add users to an audience to advertise to. One of them being able do use a redirect link (audience-URL) to add users to your audience instead of a code that would have be to be placed on your landingpage.

How to create a audience on SciteScout (only takes 3 clicks)

To create a new audience-url/redirect-link on SiteScout login to the members area and go to:

Assets > Audiences > New Audiences


After entering a name for your new custom audience, you have the option to copy a code to place on your landingpage OR for us in this case more important, a custom-audience-URL or redirect link. (see example below)


All what’s left for you to do, is to add a destination URL to the end of your new Sitescout redirect link.

Sitesout will add every user that hits this URL to your new custom audience and redirect users to the URL you added to it (i.e. affiliate offer).

I have to point out that while you can set up a free SiteScout account and start adding users to your retargeting audience, their minium deposit is $500 to actually start a advertisement campaign. Their refund policy is also worth mentioning: Refund of remaining account balance minus a 15% administration fee.

SiteScout Audience Redirect Link Examples

Here are 2 examples of how a SiteScout redirect link looks like. One is without an affiliate link attached (no redirection defined) and the second one is redirecting visitors to

Sitescout custom-audience-URL without redirection defined:

Sitescout Custom Audience URL with an affiliate offer URL defined:

Everyone who clicks on the link will be added to the audience you have created on SiteScout.

SiteScout Tip: You can flip between detination url’s very easily and have users still being added to the same custom audience pool.

IMPORTANT: Sitescout Audience Redirect Link Notice! Before you start spreading your Sitescout audience redirect link on the web make sure that they work properly! I’ve had issues manually adding links with lots of parameters to the Sitescout redirect link. I can only recommend using the sitescout form in their members area when adding urls with lots of parameters. AND PLEASE ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK YOUR REDIRECT LINKS BEFORE SHARING!

So there are times when a custom audience Sitescout redirect link can be very helpful. But since it has to be double-checked, to be sure that no commission gets lost in the web somewhere and the fact that you have to invest a minimum of $500 to start your retargeting campaign makes it unattractive for beginners.

I’d recommend trying out the Retargetingengine Wordpress plugin. The main reason being you can place a retargeting code of the ad network of your choice in it (including but not limited to Facebook). It’s currently available for only $97 ON SALE for $47!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject… What are your expierence? Have you set up a retargeting campaign? Are you retargeting your affiliate offers yet? If yes, what methods are you using?

Got questions about a retargeting campaign? Don’t hesitate to drop me a line in the comment section below.

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  1. aweome read thanks

  2. I’ve had issues with sitescout not passing parameters as well

  3. thats all good but how to do put in a conversion pixel (facebook) so when they do buy the product they dont keep seeing the ads. i want to do it for JVZoo but i cant from the affilate dashboard.

    • Hey Jason, sorry for late response. As far as I am concerned JVzoo does not support conversion pixels for affiliates. In this case there is not much you can do.

      But since you said your working with facebook I am assuming you are working with landingpages. In this case there are methodd you can try (WITH CAUTION!!) which is to filter visitors by visited page depth…

      Simple example:
      Exclude all users that have hit the “BUY” button on your landing page. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS METHOD, especially for beginners but if you know your numbers (CPV, CR, CTR, etc) very well it might be worth a thought. I know some marketers have successfully implemented similar excluding methods. To do this you can also use the Retargeting Engine. Simply insert instead of the retargeting-pixel-code a conversion-pixel-code to the “BUY NOW” redirect-link in Retargeting Engine.
      AGAIN: I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS METHOD especially for beginners but if you know your numbers (CPV, CR, CTR, etc.) very well it is worth a thought. I’D RECOMMEND A DIFFERENT APPROACH:

      If I cannot implement a conversion pixel to the thank-you/success-page I do not try to exclude conversions. Period. For me it simply hasn’t paid off trying to do so. Instead I rather focus on building multiple audiences based on the depth of their visit.

      A simple example: If a user hits the “BUY”-button instead of excluding the visitor he gets added to a a new audience that gets other or more aggressive ads, maybe even a different (but matching) offer. To do this I also use the Retargeting Engine.

      Hope this gives you some inspiration. All the best

  4. Hello Sassan,

    It could work if the redirect link at the end of
    Is a link of an affiliate network ? For example



  5. Hey Sassan and guys who are in affiliate business,

    We are trying to develop a tool which is actually dedicated to solve this issue and help you retarget people who click your aff links.

    We will be appreciated if you have a look, subscribe our beta list and let us know what you think about it!

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